Have You Met Our Healing God?

Have you met our healing God? Do you know how much He desires to bring healing to any area of your life where you are not living in the true freedom of Christ?

For me, it was easy to say, “God, heal me,” because so much was visibly wrong.

However, I’ve met lots of folks who haven’t been through a lot of trauma and feel like their lives have been quite blessed and gone really well. That is awesome! However, that doesn’t mean God doesn’t have more for each and every person.

He is molding us into the very image of Christ! No matter what you have or haven’t experienced, He has more for you.

When I speak of “healing,” I mean the changes He works in our hearts to make us more like Christ. We are all separated from God by sin, and that affects us in various ways in our lives.

He wants to be bigger than life for us. If you want to see God in deeper color, and hear Him with greater clarity, and to grow in relationship with Him beyond all bounds, ask Him to get you there. That is His greatest desire for you, and He will not withhold these things from you. Meet our healing God!