Really Looking at Me

You really are looking at me.

I “know” You are – it’s obvious. You always respond to my needs, even the ones I don’t know I have.

I couldn’t see so You gave me new glasses. You knew I couldn’t pay for them, so You did.

I didn’t have anything to eat and You gave me so much my freezer is overflowing.

You knew when I needed rest and You surprised me with time off – quiet days to spend with You.

I “know” You’ll meet my needs – You always have. I’ve noticed!

I know it in my mind.

But my heart sometimes wonders how You’ll do it.

I guess if I’m truthful, there may be something deeper. Some part of my heart wonders why You’ll do it.

You’ve said I’m Your precious child, and that You love me, and that it delights You to care for me.

I’m still trying to wrap my heart around that. It’s really new to me.

But thank You for teaching me and showing me that Your words are true. Your heart really does love to take care of me.

And the way You respond … with perfect provision, just what I need when I need it … You really are my Father. You really do live with me. You really do notice me, and You really do know every detail of my life. You really are parentling me.  You really are active in every part of my life. You really do have plans for me, and have taken responsibility to care for me and guide me and love me and nurture me.

You really did choose me.

You really have adopted me wholeheartedly. This is for real. You really do say, “Child, you belong to Me” and You mean it. And you know what that means!

I matter to You – inside and out. I really actually do.

And I really do believe it.

You really are looking at me, and Your heart is filled with love, and You are sold out on me and committed to taking care of me, and Your love won’t quit.

I actually believe it now.

We’re in this together for the long haul – You and me. You actually chose me.

You’re gonna take care of me – forever.

You smile at me, You sing to me, You want to hang out with me.

Your heart delights in me!

Thank You for showing me that Your love is for real, and that You’re never gonna leave me.

You really are looking at me. 🙂